Monday, January 10, 2011


Here are a few of my favorite photos of my Pawpaw.

How do you put into words someone that was bigger than life? Someone who was so special? and someone who was such an inspiration to all who knew him. Aunt Ruby, Pawpaw's baby sister made the statement, "if you didn't like Buster, than it was your choice not his."
I can not remember one single time that he raised his voice or yelled at any of us. That is amazing to me. I asked several other family members and of course they couldn't either. What a honor and what an achievement. How many people can say that? I can't!! My Pawpaw lived an amazing life and overcame the impossible and he did with class, diginity, pride, grace, courage, faith and mostly love. Not just for himself but love for his family!!
He was born the baby boy of nine children, the baby of seven boys and Aunt Ruby is the baby. His name was Harry Arnold, or Buster to the world. He worked in the oil fields of Texas and Louisana with his brothers and friends. Endless stories would be told of the days in the fields and moving with Mary Lee and "the boys", Sandy and Sue. Oh the stories that i have in my head to tell you. AND i will tell you them all. I need to tell them they need to be put to paper for all generations to here. Pawpaw once told me that they had been moving so much that "Mary Lee stopped packing the dishes up. She would just stuff the cabinets with pillows and tape them shut." :)
At the age of 39, Dec 16,1967 (i think that date is right). Life as my Pawpaw knew it changed forever. He fell on one of the rigs from the top to the bottom. The accident left him paralyzed. The actually diagnois was he would be lucky to make through the night, he did. Well, he won't make through the day, he did. He won't make it six months, HE DID! He out lived a few doctors and made it 42 years, almost 43!! That is crazy! That is amazing! That is my Pawpaw an incredible and amazingly strong man. Over the years to come, he would bury his wife, Mary Lee, his parents, all his siblings but his baby sister, numerous nieces and nephews and friends. He did it all with his head up high and with a positive attitude. You NEVER heard him complain or ask why me? He had this saying "I had worst places on my lip and never quit whistling." truth be told he probably had. It wasn't until i was standing at his graveside that i realized what he had been telling ALL my life. I, (you) can over come anything in life with right frame of mind and attitude.
He watched his 4 children grow and have families. He had 8 grandchildren that he held and watch grow and he had 7 great-grand children that he held and saw and loved!! How amazing is that!
He traveled everywhere. I can remember he had a gray/silver car and then he got a big blue tank-- a Bonneville--- it was huge! but he would load up throw his bags in a be gone. One day he wanted to go to Wal-Mart in Brookhaven. This before super Wal-mart, which is good we may have still been in there. We went down every isle in the store! He looked and looked--- Did not buy one thing-- nothing. He said, You ready? and we left. Went to KFC picked up a bucket of chicken and headed home. :)
Malisa found a paper that I wrote in college. I wrote the paper about my PawPaw. The title reads: My Grandfather, Harry Buster Arnold. Under that it reads: the three qualities I plan to honor are: Determination, Perseverence, and Motivation
in the paper I found this: "While his family kept him motivated, he is the motivation that keeps them going now."
I was so Blessed to have him in my life for 35 years. And yes, he is a huge part of who I am today. He taught me the importance of family and faith, to get an education and to never quit. He was my motivation. He wasn't just my Pawpaw he was my friend!!
So today as I remember my Pawpaw, it's been 6 months. I never thought I would breathe again, in all honesty i worried about just getting out of the bed... the crazy thing is that i've been doing it for 6 months!! 6 months!! it's been 6nonths since i talked to my Pawpaw....
I'm reminded of the song, Crying for me--
You showed me how I'm supposed to live
and now you showed me how to die...
I'm gonna miss that smile, i'm gonna miss you my friend,
Even though it hurts the way it ended up, i'd do it all again
So play it sweet in heaven 'cause that's right where you want to be
I'm not cryin' 'cause I feel so sorry for you, I'm cryin' for ME!!!

Graduation---- FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!



My little people-- Payton, Jeremy & Drew
(Mr. Carl and Mrs. Joyce left after i received my "diploma". They had dinner to go to.)
USM graduation!! Finally, December 10, 2010 @ 3 pm
I made it! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

HOW long has it BEEN?

We have said goodbye. We have been to the creek. we have been to the beach. we have gone back to school. it has been months and i still don't have the words to express how much MY Pawpaw meant to me :)

i have pictures and i have lots of memories...... i know i will find the words.

School, i only have three weeks left... promise to better and pictures for you to see. we have them

hope you all have a great day. I doubt with facebook now, that many of you will never read this!1! anyway we shall see

HOW long has it been?

HOW long has it been?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~~~~ Payton~~~~

Payton Layne Wilson

Yes, she is graduating from the 6th grade!!! Wow! can you believe that?! Seems like yesterday we brought her home! and now she is going to be graduating and going into the 7th grade. SHe is halfway finished with her elementary/high school career. Time has flown bye. I could not be prouder. She is smart and talented. She has been so easy. I can not wait to see what the Lord has planned for her life. Payton, I love you more than you could ever know!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Morning.........

is he a cutie or what?!?!?!
Jeremy Nolan, 13 months old. Can you believe how big he is getting? GroWing like a Weed.